Sep 4, 2020
Aljamain Sterling contributes to UFC Ultimate Sound’s growing selection of mixes

Another fighter joins UFC Ultimate Sound with his own exclusive mixes. Aljamain Sterling has created three different mixes Step It Up, Born To Fight, and No Limits, which gives you a unique insight to the music Sterling listens to when working out, preparing for an upcoming fight or just enjoying life.

For Aljamain music and training go hand in hand. It sets the mood and provides that extra motivation he needs when he’s not feeling at his peak. He usually digs deep into the world of Hip Hop to find the vibe he wants, but also combs through Top 40-lists and reggae from time to time.

His favorite artist of all time is J. Cole, where the flow and rhymes helps him focus on the task at hand. When he needs that extra bit of a push, he turns to Drake’s Nonstop and dives into the zone. So if you’re looking for some Hip Hop to help you push through your workouts, Aljamain has definitely got you covered. Also be prepared for a musical surprise or two!

Aljamain’s own mixes are now available exclusively on UFC Ultimate Sound, where you´re also able to read more about what music means to him and the unique opportunity of getting to know Aljamain “The Funk Master” Sterling through his favorite beats. 

Photo: Christian Petersen/UFC/Getty Images



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